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With the US presidential elections rapidly approaching, Americans are faced with a choice between two political parties with vastly different narratives and visions for the future. It’s a binary decision, A or B. We have to choose a side, right?When Joshua, the commander of the army of Israel met the Angel of the Lord on his march toward Jericho, he tried to force a similar dilemma asking, “Are you for us, or for our enemies?” The response he got was surprising – “Neither.” Apparently, God is not a team player. He has his own agenda. And when it dawned on Joshua that he was not in charge of this exchange, he did a sensible thing. He fell facedown and listened intently as he received the most bizarre battle plan in military history.In my coaching practice, I often talk with senior and mid-level managers who feel trapped between opposing forces within their organizations, unsure of which “team” to play for. Should they side with the C-suite or stick up for the little guy? Should they score points for progress or defend the status quo? Should they favor the audit or the annual report?These are questions without easy answers, but I’ll sometimes reference the Joshua story and ask these clients to try to step back from the A, B polarities to see if there might be a divine perspective that’s missing. If we take the time to listen, we might just walk away with a completely novel approach that transcends the tribal dynamics around us while pointing to something higher. I like what Bono once said in an interview, “Stop asking God to bless what you’re doing. Find out what God is doing because it’s already blessed.”

Discussion Questions:

  • What teams are currently vying for your allegiance?
  • Which way do you tend to lean and why?
  • How might God’s perspective be different?
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