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Develop your God-given
Gifts and Talents
Develop your God-given
Develop your God-given
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Let the Center for Leading in Community (CLC)

Transform your leaders

Strengthen your teams

Accomplish your mission

Realize your team's potential

Increase your effectiveness

Meet Dylan

Hi, my name is Dylan Thomas and I live in Uganda, East Africa where I run a portfolio of ag-business. I have been working with Connie for the last two years on my own leadership development. Use of the Immunity to Change model has given me clarity on my identity and my values, and has transformed the way I do business. It has also transformed my personal life and the way I relate with others. I now lead authentically to the benefit of my partners, my employees, my family and myself. 

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Meet Brock

Tom Mangham’s coaching has been one of the most helpful things I’ve ever done for professional development — if not the most helpful. Tom did an incredible job. I would say go for it. Go through the process … you will come out of it with not only a well-defined goal … but also you will identify specific ways you can be working towards it — to achieve it — and also you will identify the walls and blindspots keeping you from achieving it. It’s really an enlightening process — and I would recommend it to anyone.

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We support leaders in the Developing World

Meet the participants in our Entrepreneurial Leadership Program who benefit from the support of sponsors like you to provide faith-based leadership coaching, personal development, and training in business skills.


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